Kickstart Your Startup

How We Do It

HTSX has experienced advisors that can analyze your venture at any point in the startup process. Bob Baldori and Bill Gerhardt are both attorneys with backgrounds in the legal issues of Business start-ups all the way through to a final exit strategy. We will do an initial one hour “intake” meeting advising you in advance as to what you need to provide so that we can give you meaningful feedback.

Depending on our analysis, we will present options in writing to you outlining which services would be most appropriate in your case. This could range from retaining HTSX as a single entity to help manage your startup to a functioning, profitable business to retaining individual members “a la carte” for specific needs that you may have.

In the case where the new venture is at the very beginning of the startup stage, we can provide several options to retain HTSX to provide “adult supervision” for every stage of the startup process from forming the original business entity to an exit strategy.

In the “a la carte” case, where you may already have several of the essential bases covered, we can provide individual services for specific needs.

For example, if all you need is help with database management, we have Mitch Stutes, who “wrote the book” on Filemaker Pro and is an expert in database design, construction and management. If you need help with media production, we have Brian Town, the area’s only certified Final Cut Pro instructor. Bob Baldori and Bill Gerhardt, in conjunction with Lansing Sound Studios, the areas oldest “state of the art” audio production facility, can handle all audio needs in the process. For another example, we have a cutting edge team that can design and build your web presence, from a bare bones “brochure” site to a full blown enterprise site, along with hosting and SEO.

HTSX also provides management supervision of the process from start to finish. In most cases, our recommendations and supervision will bring immediate value to your venture in multiples of whatever the current valuation is. Venture Capitalists and other funding sources put the most value on the MANAGEMENT TEAM, not the idea, whether it is the cure for cancer or the next high tech mousetrap.

Let's get started!